Mobile Clinics

Istrodent specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of mobile clinics. We have designed and built hundreds of medical, dental, ophthalmic and x-ray clinics into trailers, caravans, trucks, containers and trains.

Istrodent is the market leader on the supply of new and refurbished mobile clinics; over the past 30 years Istrodent has been at the forefront of mobile solutions which includes clinics both general and specialized built/installed in trucks / trailers / vans / caravans / trains / buses / shipping containers etc. Everything is designed with the client’s needs foremost in our approach. We have manufactured an extensive range of off-road 4×4 vehicles to suit the territory that the clinic will service. No requirement is too small and we always deliver exactly what the client requires

Colgate Mobile Dental Van

Mobile vans built for Colgate and is operating in Gauteng and Kwa Zulu Natal.

Colgate Mobile Dental Van

Interior View

Interior View

Lazerus Legacy Mobile Dental and GP Truck

Mobile Clinic built for Siloam Ministries based in Brakpan, Bishop D.A Lazarus is using the mobile to service the east of Johannesburg.

Dental & Primary Healthcare

Interior Dental

Interior Primary Healthcare

Aquafresh Double Dental Mobile Truck

Utilized by Wits University in partnership with GSK, servicing students, outreach and teaching programmes.

Mobile Double Dental Surgery

Side View

Interior Double Dental

Rhiza/Babuyile Found. Dental & GP Truck

Another successful Istrodent build

Mobile Dental & GP Truck

Interior Dental View

Interior GP View

Zimbabwe Mobile Dental and Eye Truck

Built for Zimbabwe and is currently servicing the residents of Zimbabwe.

Mobile Dental & Optometry

Optometry Interior

Dental Interior

Samsung Mobile Dental Ear and Eye Truck

Built for Samsung, currently servicing Diepsloot, Cosmo City and surrounding areas.

Mobile Dental, Ear & Eye Truck

Interior Eye View

Interior Audiology Booth

Department of Health, Limpopo Province Mobile Dental Refurbished Truck

20 year old mobile clinic refurbished with the latest spec technology, resulting in a lifespan for another 20 years.

20 year old truck


Completed Refurbishment